Last Days

I’m in the last week of my stay in South Africa, and there’s not much else to do but relax in Cape Town and count down the days until I can access free Wi-Fi almost anywhere I go again.  That’s the one thing I hope I don’t take for granted when I get back to the States.  Don’t get me wrong:  I’m still detesting going back, but it’s the subtle things in life.  These next few days are going to be spent just going around town, enjoying a few nights out on the town and trying not to buy anything else. 

Last night we went to a jazz club, and I was very excited.  It was nice to get dressed up again, but it was even nicer to finally hear some local jazz and hear the differences in flavor between Cape Town jazz, New Orleans jazz, Brooklyn jazz, etc.  It’s a lot more mellow, but at the same time, melodic.  I noticed some riffs and motifs in certain songs that sounded familiar, but couldn’t quite place my ear on where they came from.  While we all lounged, I had some samoosas–not quite sure how to describe them, but they’re like tiny pizza bite-tortillas and have a spicy meat inside.  It was a nice appetizer.  I enjoyed a glass of Amarula as well: it’s like Bailey’s, but made from the African marula fruit.  The jazz here usually includes a djembe alongside the classic jazz drumset and cymbals.  It was very nice and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

The lack of planned activities in the past few days is the reason for this short entry, but tomorrow we’re going to visit the Koisan indigenous peoples; they were some of the first settlers of the Cape Town area, so I should have more to say after that.  Until then, shap as they say here.

No visit to South Africa is complete without a view from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town.  It’s the newest 7 natural wonders of the world.  It was eroded by glaciers and was once an island in the sea where Cape Town is now.Image





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