I was walking home late one night after out at a local restaurant with live African music (marimba), and I was struck by a few lines again.  I got back to the apartment (which, by the way, is still intact after my somewhat successful meals and living with 3 other females!), and began to write about the positive South African culture that we’ve seen masking the destitution that lurks in everyday live, day and night, just like any other city you may visit.  Towards the end, it talks about reconciliation and finding peace with each other and the peace and awe from African culture.  But who am I to say what you should think, feel or read? What kind of person would I be?….

Do you see? Do you see?
Nightfalls. Night falls.

The underpinnings of society.

In time and space, from one city to the next,

By day it’s resolution and revolution,

In the night it’s destitution and prostitution.

For some:

It’s resolution.

Do you see?

Under covers,

there’s beauty and smiles and cheers.

12 hours later, it’s all in the open.

Under other covers, irrespective of day,

night always falls in the den of thieves.

Dance! Dance! The spirits will whisk you away!

Whimsical. Magical. Tribal.

It all has its place.

Everything has a place. And a time.

There’s a rhyme and a reason.

He’s just trying to make ends meet.

She’s just trying to satisfy a mouth to feed.

Sun up, it’s never done, but it retreats.

Back to wonderland, no fear in the streets.

I came for many reasons, I came to find something particular.

I came for the person, but which one?

By day it’s revolution.

By night, it’s resolution.

For others the struggle pushes on and on.

For some, how does many become one?

While I vouch for all of these,

as for me, I came for the drums.


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